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In line with our mission to engage and educate women as well as get Democrats elected in Johnson County, we have formed the following Advocacy Work Groups to further our goals in four key areas.

First, we need to know what’s happening in our local government to be able to take actions that are in line with our values. Second, we need to be intimately familiar and in touch with local Democratic candidates to be able to organize our members to support them in the most helpful ways possible. Third, we know how much Democrats care about their community, and with that in mind, we want to provide opportunities for charitable giving and community service to make our community better. And lastly, we want to have fun! When we get together, we network, learn, teach, and support each other.

The following are our four Advocacy Work Groups. We hope you will choose one and get involved beyond just attending our monthly meetings (which are also amazing!). We ask for a one year commitment, with next open enrollment on December, 2018.


  • Observer/Reporting Corp
    Go to ONE local government meeting a month and write up a brief report on what was discussed. 
    City Councils, School Boards, JCCC Board of Trustees, WaterOne Board, etc..

         North Group Contact: Lynn Ferguson at lferg@everestkc.net

        South Group Contact: Susy at SusyJocoDem@gmail.com or 913.608.9619


  • Legislative and Candidate Support
    Political issues (pick one to keep up on and share)
    JCDW endorsement policy, support candidates, create work parties, call banks, volunteers for candidates, etc..

         North Group Contact: Anne Pritchett at anneprit@me.com, or 913-940-4414

         South Group Contact: Meg Schimmels at Meg.Schimmels@gmail.com


  • Community Service
    Help JCDW find ways to support and lift up our community.
    Community Garden, Safe Home, PROJECT 39, etc..

         North Group Contact:  Angeliina Lawson at angeliinalawson@gmail.com, or  913-735-5339

         South Group Contact: Tiff White at Tiffanydw2@gmail.com


  • Social Policy
    Develop ways to join together socially
    Book club, JCDW Open House, Mommy & Me, Super Bowl Party & Holiday Party, ETC…

         North Group Contact: Michelle Sailler at saillermichelle01@gmail.com, or  913-707-5984.

         South Group Contact: Cassie Woolworth at CassieWoolworth@gmail.com