Greetings Candidates!

Johnson County Democratic Women South thanks you for your service and willingness to run for public office. We appreciate you as you face a challenging but important race.

We champion your campaign! Our primary mission is to elect as many Johnson County Democratic Candidates as possible. Our members are passionate and engaged political activists who donate personal time, money, resources, and talent to assist candidates win their races. We are energized and want to volunteer for your campaigns.

We welcome and encourage you to attend our chapter meetings and events to give stump speeches, request donations, and recruit volunteers.

As an independent PAC, JCDW South holds fundraisers throughout the year to obtain funds to donate to candidates like you. We are always happy to see candidates at our fundraisers! We know these fundraisers cut into a candidate’s canvass and call times. We very much appreciate the time you take to attend.

General Election Criteria from JCDW South Candidate Endorsement Policy

  • Must be a registered Democrat.
  • Must be a JCDW member as women or an associate member as men, and
  • membership must be purchased by two weeks after the filing deadline as set by the Johnson County Election office. 
  • Memberships can be purchased on our website:
  •  Must be vetted/approved by Chairperson and/or Executive Director of the Johnson County Democratic Party.
  • Must have an organized campaign, canvassed/called, recruited volunteers, and begun raising money in earnest.
  • Endorsed candidates will be listed on our website and other social media.
  • Must have attended at least 3 North and/or South JCDW events, or meetings and have given a stump speech to JCDW members.
  • Must have respectful and civil communication at all venues, especially social media, from candidate/campaign.  This is required to earn and retain a JCDW South endorsement.

Preference is given to women candidates but men who support our positions on women’s issues will also be considered. Amount of contribution is dependent on the election cycle. Recommendations for a JCDW South endorsement and/or contribution will be made by a committee appointed by the president, then approved by the JCDW South Board.

Candidate endorsements and/or contributions will be determined after the primary. As a women’s advocacy organization, we endorse and support candidates that elevate and advance women’s issues.