July Newsletter

See the CALENDAR on our homepage for JCDW and community events for Democrats and Progressives.


July Monthly Meeting-July 6th

Our general meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at 6PM at Lucky Brewgrille, downstairs.  Food and drinks are available for purchase. 

Join the Johnson County Democratic Women (JCDW) to celebrate our battles fought and prepare to win elections in 2017 & 2018.

Guest Speaker:

Davis Hammet of Loud Light


Loud Light engages, educates, and empowers individuals from underrepresented populations to build community power that has an impact on decision makers. Through creative action, accessible information, and coalition building, we empower you to demand change.


Increasing youth civic participation in Kansas.


You becoming a visible, vocal force for social good and justice in your community.


July Monthly Meeting-July 20th at 6:30

JCDW South meetings are held the third Thursday of each month (see our CALENDAR for details). We currently meet at Mi Ranchito on Harrison St. in Olathe at 6:30. The cost of a buffet is $15, which includes a meal + tip.  

Please sign up in advance for the July meeting HERE

This month’s speaker will be Gail Shafton from the Sierra Club. She’ll be talking about Trump’s action on the Paris Climate Accord, as well as what we can do locally to make a difference.
So come join your local Democratic Women for our 3rd Thursdays meeting at Mi Ranchito for a great meal, meeting candidates, and camaraderie with like-minded individuals.

July is the time to RENEW YOUR JCDW MEMBERSHIP! Be an active part of getting Democrats in Johnson County elected.

Join or renew HERE!

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Johnson County Democratic Women Annual Report

This year has been amazing for us in so many ways!

  1.  We donated $10,000 dollars, maxing out to 13 local Johnson County Democratic Candidates in the fall of 2016.  Johnson County added 3 new legislators, 7 in total in part due to JCDW efforts!
  2. We have grown to 90 members and 16 associate members.
  3. Hollie Niblett redid our website and it is now an amazing projection of our organization!  We take memberships and donations from the site through PayPal and have a calendar showing our events among lots of other info on local events and candidates.
  4. Our annual Super Bowl Party again raised over $5000 for local candidates.
  5. Thanks to Val Baul, we have a kick-a$$ newsletter going out to over 800 people in the Johnson County area including our membership and many other interested individuals.  Val also coordinates our Facebook Page & Facebook Group!
  6. IN MAY we Co-hosted a Town Hall meeting with MoveOn.org and invited Jerry Moran.  He didn’t show but about 350 people did! We had wonderful speakers
  7. Thanks to Angeliina Lawson, we now have a Community Garden where we are raising vegetables including potatoes c, tomatoes, carrots, peas, spinach for Jewish Family Services for Refugees
  8. JCDW paid for 4 people to attend the KFDW Annual convention.  In total, we sent 7 members, two from JCDWSouth, and 5 from JCDW North.
  9. BEST OF ALL we started a new branch of our organization JCDWSouth!  Johnson County is large and we were not reaching our south Democrats. The local party started a 1st Saturday Breakfast in Olathe.  The attendance was and has continued to be quite large.  With this as an impetus, we started asking for women who might be interested.  Becca Peck stepped up and we held 2 planning meetings.  The first official meeting of JCDWSouth was May 18th in Olathe.
This group will:
  1. Use the JCDW by-laws for 1 year
  2. Share our website
  3. JCDW will always have an officer at the South meetings and their board meetings.
  4. JCDWSouth will likewise have a board member at JCDWmeetings and board meetings.
  5. JCDW will assist and support JCDWSouth with their annual fundraiser.  JCDWSouth will do likewise for JCDW.

All in all, JCDW can be very proud of what we have accomplished!

Thank you,

MaryKay Ziegler
President, JCDW