September Newsletter

JCDW North meets monthly on first Thursdays at Lucky Brewgrille in Mission.

6PM *Food and Drinks Available* 

Guest Speakers:
Cindy Holscher & Nancy Lusk from the Women’s Bipartisan Caucus of Kansas.

Women legislators came together to find solutions to better our state with days of negotiations among their bipartisan coalition known as the Women’s Caucus, which led to a tax plan that significantly influenced the final deal the Legislature passed.

This is what a democracy looks like!

JCDW South meets monthly on third Thursdays at Mi Ranchito on Harrison St in Olathe at 6:30pm.

It’s time for JCDWS Third Thursdays!

Guest Speaker: Davis Hammet from Loud Light.


Hammet is the former Director of Operations for the international progressive nonprofit Planting Peace where he worked to maintain and expand programs around the world from orphanages and medical relief to human rights and bully prevention. He co-created and lives in the rainbow colored Equality House across from the Westboro Baptist Church hate group.Davis Hammet has a B.S. in Political Science (Cum Laude), certificate in Intensive Research Methods, and certificate in Urban Planning and Regional Development. He studied non-linear data analysis at U.C. Berkeley and worked under grants from the National Science Foundation studying political knowledge and the media.

Hammet’s work and commentary has been covered in The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, National Geographic and most other major outlets.
After several years of successfully organizing to win victories from the local to national level, Davis Hammet founded Loud Light to advance millennial civic participation and mobilize underrepresented communities in Kansas.

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RSVP & more details can be found on the Facebook event post here.
Dinner is off the Menu
Non-alcoholic drinks for $3
SPECIAL: Patron Margaritas $8 ($2 savings)
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General November 7th
See the full List of Candidates at the Johnson County election office.

See the full list of the Johnson County Democratic Women Endorsements for the November, 2017 election HERE.


 Member campaigns include: Angeliina Lawson for JCCC Board of Trustee; Kay Heley for Water One Board; Ruth E. Goff for USD 230 Spring Hill School Board Member, Position 6; Patty Newkirk for Merriam City Council, Ward 2; Claudia McCormack for Roeland Park City Council; Sollie Flora for Mission City Council, Ward 4; Deann Mitchell for Olathe Council Member at Large; Jen Hill for Roeland Park City Council; Ward 2; Lindsey Constance for Shawnee City Council; Re-Elect Chris Morrow for Mayor of Gardner; Logan Heley for Overland Park City Council, Ward 1; Chris Roesel for JCCC Board of Trustees.

 To help our great Democratic candidates win elections,  the Johnson County Democratic Women South are hosting their First Annual Halloween Fundraiser! BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY!

All proceeds will go to Democratic candidates in Johnson County. Tickets are $25 in advance (see link on invitation), or $35 at the door.  To purchase tickets go HERE.


  • Admission includes 2 free tickets to use to vote for costume and chili contests. More conyest tickets available for purchase.
  • Live Music by Gary Senner and his cover band
  • Movie “Theater” with showings of Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (classic!)
  • Silent Auction
  • Team Pub Trivia
  • Moulage (mock injury) Demonstration and Application Booth. Gory fun! $5-$10
  • Costume Contest- costumes are optional, but guess who might attend dressed as Jackie Kennedy or Donald Trump? You won’t know unless you buy a fundraiser ticket!
  • Chili Cook-Off Contest
  • $5 wine, beer, and Margaritas.
  • Refreshments, beverages, side dishes, and desserts

Showing Up for Racial Justice

 I am writing to my fellow Johnson County Democratic Women to urge us to be the leaders of dismantling white supremacy in our suburbs where we are the epitome of white flight. We need to challenge our candidates and change attitudes  when necessary in order to avoid being the people Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote about in 1963 in his letter from a Birmingham Jail:

“I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner but the white moderate who is more devoted to order than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says, “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can’t agree with your methods of direct action.”

There is a lot of discussion about Antifa and the hard core progressive left and how to address the threats of white nationalists, neo Nazis, KKK members and more as they gather their strength. I am sharing a few different articles that explain different sides of the argument and there are valid points on all sides. Please read through all of these perspectives and decide for yourself how you can best show up for racial justice in your life every day.
If you would like to join Showing Up for Racial Justice KC they meet on the 3rd Monday every month. Look for SURJ-KC, an important organization in our community, doing essential work. (I am interested in starting a SURJ on the Kansas side of the state line for any abolitionist interested in helping to dismantle white supremacy in Kansas, contact Val Baul