Johnson County Democratic Women is pleased to announce our endorsements for the November 8th 2022 election.

We endorse Democrats running for state and local offices who meet our endorsement criteria. If a candidate in your district is not listed here, it doesn’t mean we don’t support them. We want to see as many Democrats elected to the Kansas Legislature as possible to break the Republican super majority. Candidates who receive endorsements have joined our organization, attended our meetings, practiced their stump speeches on our members, and generally allowed us to get to know them well. If you stop by one of our meetings, you are likely to run into some of these amazing candidates. 


Kansas House Races


Pam Shernuk District 8

Dennis Miller District 14

Allison Hougland District 15

Linda Featherston District 16

Jo Ella Hoye District 17

Cindy Neighbor District 18

Stephanie Clayton District 19

Mari-Lynn Poskin District 20

Jerry Stogsdill District 21


Lindsay Vaughn District 22

Susan Ruiz District 23

Jarrod Ousley District 24

Rui Xu District 25

Christi Pribula District 27

Ace Allen District 28

Heather Meyer District 29


Courtney Eiterich District 30

Vanessa Vaughn West District 39

Keith Davenport District 43


Dan Osman District 48

Brad Boyd District 49

Mike Shimeall District 78


Courtney Tripp District 117

Mel Pinick District 121

Brandon Woodard 108



Kansas State Board of Education


Shiela Albers District 3





Johnson County Board of Commissioners


Mike Kelly Chairman

Becky Fast District 1

Janee Hanzlick District 4