JCDW South

President: Cassie Woolworth

Vice President of Communications: Anh Rongish

Vice President of Fundraising: Juliet Sinclair

Vice President of Programs: Laura Wiltanger

Vice President of Membership: Kat Hooley-Lickteig 

Treasurer: Carol Shimeall

Secretary: Tiff White

Previous Past President: Becca Peck


JCDW North

President Pro Tem: Dawn Olney

Vice President: OPEN

Secretary: Trish Domingue

Treasurer: Sheryl Rice

Programs: Dawn Olney

Communications: OPEN

Fundraising: Palita Robinson

Membership: Bev Reeves-Dudley

Mailing Address

Johnson County Democratic Women
P.O. Box 13413
Overland Park, KS 66212