JCDW 2020 Endorsements

August 18, 2020

One hundred years ago today, the Tennessee State Legislature approved the 19th amendment to the constitution, finally establishing the right of women to  vote across the United States.

 The fight was long, its roots established well before the founding of this nation. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the women’s suffrage movement was fought state by state. A handbill published by Florence Luscomb in 1919 depicted the effort through three maps illustrating the movement’s progress over time, beginning in 1869 when only Wyoming guaranteed this right. At the bottom, the words “Finish the Fight” spurred readers into action.

Though women have had the right to vote for a century, the fight is not over. Voter suppression is alive and well, especially among people of color. Today, though we have worked hard to create a “more perfect” union, we know that the struggle continues. It never really ends, only changes shape, requiring us to be constantly adapting to new challenges.

Today, JCDW is proud to endorse candidates who we believe will continue to #finishthefight. These women and men will work for fairness, for justice, for the rights of women and minorities still being denied their share of the American Dream.

We hope you will join us in supporting these candidates.

For Kansas State Senate


Senate 6 Pat Pettey

Senate 7 Ethan Corson

Senate 8 Cindy Holscher

Senate 9 Stacey Knoell

Senate 10 Lindsey Constance

Senate 11 Joy Koesten

Senate 21 Dinah Sykes

Senate 23 Wendy Budetti

Senate 37 Becca Peck

For Kansas House of Representatives

House 14 Angela Justus Schweller

House 15 Cole Fine
House 16 Linda Featherston
House 17 Jo Ella Hoye
House 18 Cindy Neighbor
House 19 Stephanie Sawyer Clayton
House 20 Mari-Lynn Poskin
House 21 Jerry Stogsdill
House 22 Lindsay Vaughn
House 23 Susan Ruiz
House 24 Jarrod Ousley
House 25 Rui Xu
House 26 Mike Shimeall
House 28 Sally Jercha
House 29 Brett Parker
House 30 Brandon Woodard
House 38 Sherri Grogan
House 43 Pam Finley
House 48 Jennifer Day
House 49 Katie Dixon
House 78 Kathy Meyer

For State Board of Education

District 2 Melanie Haas

For District Attorney 

Zach Thomas


*Johnson County Democratic Women endorse Democrats running for state and local offices who meet our endorsement criteria. If a candidate in your district is not listed here, it doesn’t mean we don’t support them. We want to see as many Democrats elected to the Kansas Legislature as possible to break the Republican super majority. Candidates who receive endorsements have joined our organization, attended our meetings, practiced their stump speeches on our members, and generally allowed us to get to know them well.

We do not endorse for President, US Senate, or US House of Representatives, though we encourage you to vote for Biden/Harris, Barbara Bollier, and Sharice Davids.