We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected

North ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, July 2,  2020

Come at 6:30 to socialize or at 7:00 for the meeting!

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Special Guest: Heather Ousley on Special Education Funding

North JCDW will host Heather Ousley as our speaker on July 2nd. She will speak on special education funding. Currently the NSBA, National School Boards Association is advocating for greater funding for IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.

South ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, July 16,  2020

Come at 6:00 to socialize or at 6:30 for the meeting!

Zoom link:

Special Guest: Immigration Attorney Stephanie Kice

Stephanie Kice is a criminal defense and immigration attorney based in the Kansas City metro area. In both private practice and as a court appointed attorney, she has devoted her legal career to fighting for the rights and dignity of indigent clients and immigrants as they face the daunting power and unlimited resources of the federal government, state courts, and local municipalities. Her desire to help with the humanitarian crisis at our Southern border recently led Stephanie on a week-long trip to the South Texas Family Residential Center, where she provided pro bono representation for women and children attempting to seek asylum in the United States.

Candidate Speed Dating

In a world where Zoom and Google Groups have taken over our communications venues, we thought it would be a good idea to get candidates together with some of the voters to practice their zoom introductions, position points, and statements within a 3-minute segment.

With that said, the Johnson County Democratic Women North and South and Should PAC’s would like to invite you to participate in our Candidate Speed Dating event to sharpen your presentation skills.

Thank you for running to make Johnson County more accessible, affordable and shining. As Steven J. Buri, with the Seattle Times says, you are running “At a time when many Americans are fed up with politics as usual and the gridlock inherent in a government without a king, we should stop to give thanks to our fellow citizens who have the courage to place their names on a ballot. In doing so, they open themselves up to public examination, often at great personal sacrifice. It isn’t for the faint of heart.”

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Flip it Blue Game Night

When: Saturday, August 8th from 5-8 PM

Where: ZOOM

JCDW South invites you to GAME NIGHT, an evening of fun, fantasy, cards, and laughter. Join us for ZOOM rooms where you’ll find Cards Against Humanity, You Don’t Know JACK, HASBRO and others!

This event is more than a game night. It is your best chance to support Democrats running for state and local office in Johnson County. This is perhaps the most consequential election cycle of our lifetimes, made even more difficult — and expensive — by the need to both campaign and raise funds from a distance. The cost of your ticket, a $20 (or higher) donation, goes DIRECTLY to candidates running in 2020. 

Matching Funds

To sweeten the deal, JCDW South has been approached by a generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, but who is willing to match all donations through the Flip it Blue link up to a maximum of $5,000!

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Call for Board Members

JCDW South is getting ready to hold its annual elections for leadership positions. With our president, Becca Peck, stepping aside to run her senate campaign, and with so many of our amazing leaders moving on to key roles in the Democratic Party, we need new talent and new leaders.

Board members are responsible for choosing which candidates we endorse each year, and how much money they get. Membership on the board is often a stepping stone to working on state and local campaigns, taking state positions, or running for office.

Our elected positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Cassie Woolworth will be running for President and Carol Shimeall for Treasurer. The Vice President and Secretary positions are open for nominations.

In addition, we have four appointed board positions: Fundraising, Program Director, Membership, and Communications. Allison Hougland currently fills the role of Program Director and Christine Amsden Morgan is on Communications. Fundraising and Membership are vacant.

Membership on the board requires you to attend a monthly board meeting, which we hold via ZOOM. Each position has other responsibilities that might take 2-4 hours per month, on average. For more information, please contact Allison Hougland at ahoug@kw.com .

Annual Membership Renewal

Well, we didn’t think 2020 was crazy enough for you, so we thought we’d make a few more changes here at JCDW (just kidding, we started this process in 2019 to bring the entire KFDW together under one roof)!! Thirty days prior to when your annual membership fees are due, you will get an email from our new system, Club Express, letting you know about the due date, with a link to take care of it. If you’re a fan of writing checks instead, no worries! You can do that as well, and the email will provide an address to mail it to! Thank you all for hanging in there with us as we explore options that work to bring all the women of Kansas together to get more wonderful Democrats elected! If you have any questions, please reach out. Contact Hollie at 913-291-6800 or hollie@hollieniblett.com.