We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected

North ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, July 2,  2020

Come at 6:30 to socialize or at 7:00 for the meeting!

Zoom link

Special Guest: Heather Ousley on Special Education Funding

North JCDW will host Heather Ousley as our speaker on July 2nd. She will speak on special education funding. Currently the NSBA, National School Boards Association is advocating for greater funding for IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.

South ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, July 16,  2020

Come at 6:00 to socialize or at 6:30 for the meeting!

Zoom link:

Special Guest: Immigration Attorney Stephanie Kice

Stephanie Kice is a criminal defense and immigration attorney based in the Kansas City metro area. In both private practice and as a court appointed attorney, she has devoted her legal career to fighting for the rights and dignity of indigent clients and immigrants as they face the daunting power and unlimited resources of the federal government, state courts, and local municipalities. Her desire to help with the humanitarian crisis at our Southern border recently led Stephanie on a week-long trip to the South Texas Family Residential Center, where she provided pro bono representation for women and children attempting to seek asylum in the United States.

Candidate Speed Dating

In a world where Zoom and Google Groups have taken over our communications venues, we thought it would be a good idea to get candidates together with some of the voters to practice their zoom introductions, position points, and statements within a 3-minute segment.

With that said, the Johnson County Democratic Women North and South and Should PAC’s would like to invite you to participate in our Candidate Speed Dating event to sharpen your presentation skills.

Thank you for running to make Johnson County more accessible, affordable and shining. As Steven J. Buri, with the Seattle Times says, you are running “At a time when many Americans are fed up with politics as usual and the gridlock inherent in a government without a king, we should stop to give thanks to our fellow citizens who have the courage to place their names on a ballot. In doing so, they open themselves up to public examination, often at great personal sacrifice. It isn’t for the faint of heart.”

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Flip it Blue Game Night

When: Saturday, August 8th from 5-8 PM

Where: ZOOM

JCDW South invites you to GAME NIGHT, an evening of fun, fantasy, cards, and laughter. Join us for ZOOM rooms where you’ll find Cards Against Humanity, You Don’t Know JACK, HASBRO and others!

This event is more than a game night. It is your best chance to support Democrats running for state and local office in Johnson County. This is perhaps the most consequential election cycle of our lifetimes, made even more difficult — and expensive — by the need to both campaign and raise funds from a distance. The cost of your ticket, a $20 (or higher) donation, goes DIRECTLY to candidates running in 2020. 

Matching Funds

To sweeten the deal, JCDW South has been approached by a generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, but who is willing to match all donations through the Flip it Blue link up to a maximum of $5,000!

Donate/Get Tickets

Call for Board Members

JCDW South is getting ready to hold its annual elections for leadership positions. With our president, Becca Peck, stepping aside to run her senate campaign, and with so many of our amazing leaders moving on to key roles in the Democratic Party, we need new talent and new leaders.

Board members are responsible for choosing which candidates we endorse each year, and how much money they get. Membership on the board is often a stepping stone to working on state and local campaigns, taking state positions, or running for office.

Our elected positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Cassie Woolworth will be running for President and Carol Shimeall for Treasurer. The Vice President and Secretary positions are open for nominations.

In addition, we have four appointed board positions: Fundraising, Program Director, Membership, and Communications. Allison Hougland currently fills the role of Program Director and Christine Amsden Morgan is on Communications. Fundraising and Membership are vacant.

Membership on the board requires you to attend a monthly board meeting, which we hold via ZOOM. Each position has other responsibilities that might take 2-4 hours per month, on average. For more information, please contact Allison Hougland at ahoug@kw.com .

Annual Membership Renewal

Well, we didn’t think 2020 was crazy enough for you, so we thought we’d make a few more changes here at JCDW (just kidding, we started this process in 2019 to bring the entire KFDW together under one roof)!! Thirty days prior to when your annual membership fees are due, you will get an email from our new system, Club Express, letting you know about the due date, with a link to take care of it. If you’re a fan of writing checks instead, no worries! You can do that as well, and the email will provide an address to mail it to! Thank you all for hanging in there with us as we explore options that work to bring all the women of Kansas together to get more wonderful Democrats elected! If you have any questions, please reach out. Contact Hollie at 913-291-6800 or hollie@hollieniblett.com.


We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected

North ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, June 4,  2020

Come at 6:30 to socialize or at 7:00 for the meeting!

Zoom link

Password: NJCDW2020

This month, small business owners Richard Weist Rebecca James will discuss how the pandemic has effected them.

From Rebecca:
I am a sixty-six-year old lifelong Democrat, born in India to missionary parents, and a twenty-year Kansas resident. After leaving India, I attended high school in Puerto Rico. I graduated from KU, with a degree in nursing and practiced in Kansas, Texas, and California over my twenty-year career in the areas of adult
pre & post-op surgery, neonatal intensive care, maternal child home health, and substance abuse. Although technically retired from nursing, I keep up with nursing continuing education hours.

From Richard:
I am a sixty-three-year old lifelong Democrat, born and raised in a union family in Kansas City North, and a thirty-year Kansas resident. After graduating from UMKC with a degree in Business, I worked for thirty years in the corporate commercial print world here in Kansas City. My daughter, Madeleine, is a KU graduate and works in communications in Washington DC.

From Rebecca & Richard:

In 2012, we started our own business, Abovo LLC. We are a commercial print brokerage with an office in Prairie Village and customers in Kansas and Missouri, with our biggest base in the Fairfax Industrial District in Kansas City, Kansas. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned local businesses, and from state and local governments to school districts and colleges. We are active in the Kansas City Kansas Chamber of Commerce and the Fairfax Industrial Association. In March of this year, we presented to the eScholars Class at the Block School of Business at UMKC and recently we have participated in several round tables with the Chamber & the FIA about the effects of COVID-19 on small
business in KC.

Politically, Richard is Precinct Committeeman for Mission Hills 03 and a member of, and active in, the Kansas Senate District 7 Dems. We are both active in the Johnson County Democratic Party and the Kansas Democratic Party and host events for candidates and issues in our home. With the Johnson County League of Women Voters, we participate in the Great Decisions Group and volunteer for Legislative Coffees.

Civically, Rebecca serves on the Boards of the American Public Square, a civil discourse organization, and United Inner-City Services (UICS), a PreK program with centers on Troost and The Paseo. Richard also volunteers at UICS and we have both been active members of APS since its inception. We both are
involved in the Alliance for Economic Inclusion (AEI), coordinated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and charged with coordinating financial literacy and credit access to schools and small businesses.

South ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, June 18,  2020

Come at 6:00 to socialize or at 6:30 for the meeting!

Zoom link:

Special Guest: Diversity Advocate Stephanie Byers 

Stephanie Byers is the recipient of the GLSEN-Kansas state Educator of the Year and the GLSEN National Educator of the Year, and recently retired after 29 years of teaching for Wichita Public Schools. For 28 years, she was the award-winning director of Bands and Orchestras and Fine Arts Department Chair at Wichita North High School. Stephanie is an Oklahoman by birth, a member of the Chickasaw Nation, and has called Wichita home for the last three decades. She and her wife, Lori, own and operate a company that assists corporations, community groups and schools with understanding of working with diverse communities.

Since coming out publicly as a transgender woman, she has advocated about issues impacting the LGBTQ community. She has spoken at rallies on the steps of the Kansas State Capitol and given presentations to several local community organizations, as well as public school faculties and student bodies. Stephanie served as the Communications Director for Wichita Pride, the local organization that hosts Wichita’s local LGBTQ pride events, and has volunteered for a number of other local Wichita non-profits.

“It has been an incredible and amazing journey living in Kansas for the last three decades. It’s my sincere hope to take the experience I’ve gained working in public schools, combining it with the passion of activism I’ve embraced, and become a legislator in the Kansas House of Representatives that you can be proud of.”

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Music Education from Oklahoma Christian University (1986), and a Master of Music from Kansas State University (2015).


JCDW North and South are teaming up to offer a FREE online screening of ACTIVIZED on Saturday, June 6th from 7-10:30.

To attend, all you have to do is register through SignUp Genius.  The ZOOM link will be sent to you when you register.

Don’t know what ACTIVIZED is? Check out this trailer!

Or read the write-up from IMDB: 

ACTIVIZED follows a handful of ordinary Americans who have surprised themselves by becoming political activists. The subjects of this film are passionate newcomers to the political arena; people who never saw themselves as rabble-rousers or trouble-makers. But something in the past three years inspired each of them to step up, put themselves on the front lines, and make a decision to defend American values and democratic institutions they believe are under threat.

If their story sounds familiar, if you have also been called to act during extraordinary times or even if you’ve wanted to act bu don’t know how, then you’ve come to the right place!
Johnson County Democratic Women of Kansas North and South are teaming up to present a free screening of ACTIVIZED on Saturday, June 6th from 7-10:30 pm.
We’ll be doing this via ZOOM so bring your family, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the beverage of your choice.

But wait, there’s more!

After the screening, one of the show’s producers or directors will join us to answer your questions!

Johnson County Democratic Women is an organization dedicated to getting Democrats, especially women, elected to state and local offices. If you’re looking for a way to get ACTIVIZED, you’ve found it! JCDW raises money and rallies volunteer in support of local candidates who will fight for Medicaid expansion, a woman’s right to choose, education funding, and more!

If you have any questions, contact us at jcdwsouth@gmail..

Democrats Running in Johnson County

The filing deadline for both the August primary and November general elections is on June 1st, so we can now share with you a full list of Democratic candidates running in Johnson County! This is NOT a list of endorsed candidates. We won’t endorse until after the August primary. (See our endorsement policies for more information.) However, we encourage you to find out who is running in your district, contact them, ask questions, and consider volunteering for their campaign. 

If you’re not sure what district you are in, you can look it up at https://www.ksvotes.org/.

You can support ALL these candidates financially be donating to JCDW North or South (we are two different groups, and endorse separately). This is a great way to spread the love and help the Democratic cause as a whole. 

Senate Races

Senate 6 Pat Pettey

Senate 7 Ethan Corson

Senate 8 Cindy Holscher

Senate 9 Stacey Knoell

Senate 10 Lindsey Constance

Senate 11 Joy Koesten

Senate 21 Dinah Sykes

Senate 23 Wendy Budetti

Senate 37 Becca Peck

House Races

House 14 Angela Justus Schweller

House 15 Cole Fine

House 16 Linda Featherston

House 17 Jo Ella Hoye

House 18 Cindy Neighbor

House 19 Stephanie Sawyer Clayton

House 20 Mari-Lynn Poskin

House 21 Jerry Stogsdill

House 22 Lindsay Vaughn

House 22 Randen Smith

House 23 Susan Ruiz

House 24 Jarrod Ousley

House 25 Rui Xu

House 26 Mike Shimeall 

House 27 Sona Patel

House 28 Sally Jercha

House 29 Brett Parker

House 30 Brandon Woodard

House 38 Sherri Grogan

House 39 Kevin Makalous

                   Michael Bolton

House 48 Jennifer Day

House 49 Katie Dixon 

                 Darnell Hunt

House 78 Kathy Meyer


For information on other races, visit the Johnson County Democratic Party website. 

Flip it Blue Happy Hour

JCDW South’s biggest annual fundraiser is the Flip It Blue Barbecue, an annual event that typically brings in thousands of dollars in support of our primary mission: to elect Democrats to state and local positions.

But this year, our #1 priority has to be the health and safety of our members and candidates. Which is why we have decided to take the Flip It Blue online to make it the Flip It Blue Happy Hour!

Mark your calendars: The Flip It Blue Happy Hour will be on July 25th from 5-7 pm. Pricing and other details are still TBD, so stay tuned!

Direct Donations

In the meantime, if you are able and willing to help us support some amazing candidates, we do accept direct donations. This money goes will go DIRECTLY to candidates when we make endorsement decisions in August. For those of you who want to support Democrats causes in general, giving to JCDW is a great way to spread the love; your donations will be pooled with many other donations and sent to candidates who need an influx of cash more now than ever before. COVID-19 has increased the cost of campaigning significantly, even as fundraising has become harder.

Donate to JCDW South

JCDW North and South Membership Renewal

Annual renewals are coming up in August. 

This year, we have a new membership portal. Instead of using Member Planet, we are using Club Express under the KFDW (Kansas Federation of Democratic Women) umbrella. Click here to register or renew.  

We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected

North ZOOM Meeting

We will be having a ZOOM meeting on Thursday, May 7 at 6:30. Details coming soon!

South ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, May 21,  2020

Come at 6:00 to socialize or at 6:30 for the meeting!

Special Guest: Leslie Butsch from Planned Parenthood

Leslie Butsch works with Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes building a movement to protect access to sexual and reproductive health in Kansas and Missouri as the Kansas City Organizer.

Leslie has a Master of Social Work and many years of experience working as an ally to individuals who have been marginalized by systems. Carrying these stories with her, Leslie believes movement work should be led and built by those most impacted. At Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes, Leslie has the privilege to create a community of advocates empowered to fight for reproductive rights at the local, state, and federal levels.

ZOOM Etiquette and Help

While most of our members made it into our first ZOOM meeting with no trouble, we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend and fully experience these new meetings. Luckily, YouTube has some terrific how-to videos to help. So if you’re having trouble getting onto ZOOM, check out these links:

ZOOM is new to many of us, so it is very possible that we aren’t all familiar with the new etiquette rules we need to follow to show respect and ensure that everyone gets the most out of these meetings. Please take a look at this article for helpful tips!

A Big Thank You to Zack Pistora from the Sierra Club!


Zack Pistora agreed to be the guinea pig speaker at our first JCDW South ZOOM meeting on April 16th. He did a fabulous job!

The big environmental news: Wind energy recently overtook coal in Kansas — making us the second state to reach that milestone! 

If you’d like to get more involved in helping to fight climate change, check out the Climate Action KC Playbook.


Did you know you really, really need to vote in the Democratic Primary in Kansas?


Johnson County Democrats are trying to convince the State of Kansas that Mail-In balloting works!
State Chairwoman Vicki Hiatt said Monday that polling sites are “going to be too risky” and that some are housed at public schools and community colleges that have closed. The Democratic party on Monday began mailing ballots to almost 390,000 people registered as Democrats as of early March. That figure could top 400,000 by election day.
Hiatt said she’s hoping the switch to an entirely mail-ballot election won’t hurt turnout and believes participation will be driven more by whether Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to challenge former Vice President Joe Biden.


Though Bernie Sanders’ decision clears the way for former Vice President Joe Biden to become the presumptive Democratic nominee, Sanders declared that he would remain on the ballot in upcoming primary states and continue to collect national delegates, with the intention of arriving at the Democratic National Convention wielding enough power to influence the party’s platform. The strategy could ensure that even if Sanders’ name is not at the top of the Democratic ticket in November, his policy priorities would still prevail and have influence for years to come.

This means your favorite candidate may just have some influence on how we proceed as a country.

For a review on how to vote go to Loud Light on YouTubehere.

2020 Census


For the first time, you can choose to respond online, by phone, or by mail. Respond today. The census helps shape many different aspects of your community. Everyone is counted. Complete the Census at  https://www.2020census.gov/ — it takes 2 minutes!

Vote by Mail

The Johnson County Election Office is going to mail advance ballot applications for both the August primary and November general election to every registered voter in the county.
We strongly encourage everyone in the county to complete and return both applications.

If you don’t live in Johnson County, you can complete your application for an advance ballot at ksvotes.org.

We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected

North Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and in compliance with Johnson County Health Department guidelines, we will not meet this month.

South Meeting 

April 16, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Special Guest: Zack Pistora from the Sierra Club

Yes, we do plan to have a meeting! We will be holding our general member meeting via Zoom. Please stand by for details.

Zack Pistora

Zack is entering his 9th year as the Legislative Director and Lobbyist for the Kansas Sierra Club. He graduated from Kansas State University with degrees in Political Science, Nonprofit Leadership and Women’s Studies. He thoroughly enjoys public policy and civic activism, adventuring outdoors, traveling,
and playing in the garden. Zack is a Kansas native and currently resides on the family farm outside Tonganoxie.

We are so heartbroken to report that Lucky Brewgrille, the home for Jo Co Democrats for nearly 20 years, has closed permanently. The owner Greg Fuciu has been so accommodating to us. He never said no to any event. He came in early one Saturday a month to cook breakfast for us. He never asked us for anything, never charged us to use his restaurant.

I am asking our members to please use this time at home to write a thank you note to Greg.

Greg Fuciu
Lucky Brewgrille
5401 Johnson Drive
Mission, KS 66202

COVID-19 Campaigning

We are in the midst of a crisis, and the most important way each of us can help is to comply with the Johnson County Health Department’s order to stay at home. By staying home, we hope to slow the spread of the virus enough that our healthcare system can treat the seriously ill. This is sometimes called “flattening the curve.”

This uncertain time is showing us more than ever before how important strong, compassionate, and capable leadership is in a national emergency. We’re seeing leaders like Governor Kelly rise to the occasion even as many Republicans in Topeka voted to strip her of her emergency powers.

Across this county, many wonderful women (and men) are running to bring sanity back to our state house. They need our support in a big way as EVERY CAMPAIGN has had to change its strategy to protect the health of volunteers and constituents. Most local and state races depend upon in-person contact, especially at doors. This option may be available to us again, but right now campaigns are falling back on phone banking and digital media.

They need your help. Effective social media strategy requires a grassroots effort by supporters willing to follow, like, comment, and most especially SHARE posts from their favorite candidates’ Facebook pages. You can also favorite, reply, and retweet on Twitter. When you engage with a post, you help more people to see it and spread the word.

If you’ve got a little more time, sign up to help with phone banking. Each candidate will train you using a script they have developed for their campaign, and you can make the calls from the comfort of your own home.

But again, the most important thing you can do is stay home. By doing so, you protect yourself, your family, and your community. The months ahead are going to be challenging, but we will get through it together. Separately, but together. If you need help and support, please find us on Facebook. Johnson County Democratic Women is a private group for North and South members and supporters. If you are not already a member, you can request to join by filling out a short survey. 

Ever thought about running for office?

Now is the time to speak up! The filing deadline (June 1st) is fast approaching and we still have some countywide races without a Democrat on the ballot. If you’re interested, contact Nancy Leiker at chair@jocodems.org

The 2020 NFDW Convention


Dear Friends: 

Last summer at the KFDW State Convention, the Executive Board and delegates voted to host the NFDW 2020 National Convention in June, 2020. Since that time, the Convention Planning Committee has been working tirelessly to create the best convention possible, showing off everything we all know is so great about the place and people of Kansas. The convention was to be held at the Oread Hotel in Lawrence.

After thoughtful discussion, the NFDW Board voted this week to cancel the 2020 Convention in light of the national health and financial crisis. That’s the bad news.

But we all know that in every problem lies the seed of opportunity, and it is with that pioneering Kansas spirit that the Kansas Convention Planning Committee has committed to offering an exciting and out-of-the-box alternative to the annual convention. In lieu of the convention, we are instead taking on the editorial and creative work required to create a beautiful and substantive commemorative publication. This publication will commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment as well as inform and educate progressive women across the country about the most important issues of the day. Instead of luncheon and banquet speakers, we will be requesting Democratic women leaders across the country to submit articles on topics they would normally give in person. This publication, which will be available in both print and online form, will also serve as a platform for candidates to get their message out in the form of ads, as an alternative to door knocking and canvassing, an activity that will be greatly curtailed during this election cycle.

A large portion of the money raised for the NFDW convention normally goes to scholarships and awards for young women, some of which provide financial assistance to complete internships with the DNC. You can get the details about those awards and scholarships on the NFDW website HERE.

We anticipate the source of revenue from this new venture will come in the form of ads as well as a few sponsorships to help defer the cost of creating something that meets the highest standards of relevancy and creativity for you, our audience. The publication cost has not yet been determined, but we anticipate having a price and pre-order form for the print edition available soon.

The theme we decided on for our convention this year is Finish the Fight! It is in times of hardship, when people are most frightened and uncertain, that we must remain united, brave and unwavering in our common goal of creating a better community, a better country, a better world. So for us, Finish the Fight has taken on an even more poignant meaning. The KFDW Executive Board and Convention Planning Committee are more committed than ever in pushing forward to do what we can to support electing Democrats. We have a vision that includes all of us working together and reaching our highest potential, even in the worst of times, and we hope you will join us on this journey.


Candace Ayars


Kansas Federation of Democratic Women

Kansas Presidential Primary Election


IMPORTANT UPDATE (3/30): In-person voting has been CANCELLED 


Check the KDP website for further changes to the primary process due to ever-changing COVID-19 developments.


To register to vote, change your party affiliation, or check your registration, go to KSVotes.org.  We recommend that ALL voters double check their registration status.


  • With the 2020 Kansas Democratic Presidential Party-Run Primary, the Kansas Democratic Party has made the most significant changes in decades to Kansas’ Democratic presidential nominating process.
    These changes will encourage greater participation, provide wider accessibility for voters, and be conducted in an open and transparent manner.
  • *To vote, rank your favorite candidate as No. 1, then your second favorite as No. 2, and so on through your top five candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination. If your first-choice candidate has limited support, your next choice will be counted to ensure your vote is not wasted. After all the ballots are in, only first-choices are counted. Any candidate that has at least 15% of the first-choice votes will automatically earn delegates.
  • If, after counting all first-choice votes, some candidates have not received 15%, the candidate with the fewest first-choices is eliminated. Voters who chose this candidate as their No. 1 choice will have their votes count for their next choice. This process repeats, round by round, until all candidates remaining have reached at least 15% of the vote. Candidates will earn their proportional share of delegates, based on the percentage that each candidate received in the final round of the total tally.
  • Because the KDP is holding the Kansas primary in May and our primary is in full compliance with the Democratic National Committee, Kansas has been awarded a 15% bonus in delegates for a total of 45 delegates instead of the original 39. The delegates will be assigned to candidates based on the percentage that each candidate received in the final round of the total tally. Final results will be released as soon as they are available after in-person voting on May 2.

March 30

The Kansas Democratic Party will send a mail-in ballot to every registered Democrat in Kansas.

April 17

The last day to request a mail-in ballot. (If you are a registered Democrat, you will automatically receive a mail-in ballot. If you don’t receive the ballot by April 3, a link to request a ballot will be available on the KDP websitehere

April 24

The postmark deadline to return completed mail-in ballots.

May 2

In-person voting in each of the state’s 40 state Senate districts. Results will be released as soon as they are available following in-person voting.


We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected

North Meeting

When: March 5th

  • 6 pm Networking
  • 6:30 Business meeting

Where: Lucky Brewgrille, Mission, KS 


Danielle (Hunter) Thompson, LMSW graduated from Washburn University with bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Services and a Master’s degree in Social Work. Danielle currently works for the Kansas Department of Corrections, Office of Victim Services as the Batterer Intervention Program (BIP) Coordinator. Danielle started the first facility-based batterer intervention program in the State of Kansas at Lansing Correctional Facility. Danielle coordinates the facility-based BIP groups as well as the parole-based BIP groups for KDOC.

South Meeting CANCELLED

When: March 19th 

  • 6 pm Networking
  • 6:30 Business meeting


Old Shawnee Pizza
19617 W. 101st St
Lenexa, KS 66220

Featuring special guest speaker Leslie Butsch from Planned Parenthood.

And a Cameo appearance by Sharice Davids!

Leslie Butsch works with Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes building a movement to protect access to sexual and reproductive health in Kansas and Missouri as the Kansas City Organizer.
Leslie has a Master of Social Work and many years of experience working as an ally to individuals who have been marginalized by systems. Carrying these stories with her, Leslie believes movement work should be led and built by those most impacted. At Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes, Leslie has the privilege to create a community of advocates empowered to fight for reproductive rights at the local, state, and federal levels.

Dear South Members:

Due to a scheduling conflict, our March meeting could not be held at the new Indian Creek Library location. For ONE MONTH ONLY, we will be back at our old location at Old Shawnee Pizza in Lenexa. We apologize for any confusion.

Dear Candidates:

Would you like JCDW to promote your upcoming public event? We’re happy to help! After all, getting Democrats elected is our primary mission.

Here are two things we can do for you:

1. If you list Johnson County Democratic Women South AND Johnson County Democratic Women as co-hosts on your public FB event, we will each accept your invitation. This puts your event on both of our calendars and automatically posts it to our news feeds. (For best results, makes sure your event title is descriptive. “Campaign Kickoff” might seem good enough on your own page, but listed alongside other events on the JCDW pages, it is confusing. “Becca Peck Senate 37 Campaign Kickoff” would be a much better event title.)

2. We can also include your event in our newsletter (see below). This does require notice, as our newsletter is published on the fourth Thursday of the month and covers the entire following month. To be sure your event gets in, make sure to let the communications chair (Christine Morgan) know by the night of the south monthly meeting (the 3rd Thursday). We cannot guarantee inclusion after that. Requests should be sent to jcdwsouth@gmail.com and include your event name, date, time, location, and a link to further information.

*We can only share public events.

March Events

March 6th – 7th: Washington Days in Topeka

March 7th: First Saturday Breakfast Meeting (Johnson County Democrats) 8:00 AM

March 14th: Third District Meeting hosted by Progressive Federation of Democratic Women in Wyandotte County. Location: Elevate Bar and Grill – 7543 State Avenue – Kansas City Kansas 66112  from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM  THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED

March 14th Second Saturday Breakfast Meeting (Johnson County Democrats) 8:00 AM  CANCELLED

March 23rd Johnson County Young Democrats 6:00 PM

Continue reading “March Newsletter”