Each November, it’s nice to reflect upon the past year, to celebrate our victories, lick our wounds, and rest in preparation for the next fight – because it’s not over!

So, let’s start by celebrating our WINS!

Congratulations to Jo Ella Hoye, Linda Featherstone, Brett Parker, Brandon Woodward, Cindy Holscher, Pat Pettey, Ethan Courson, Dinah Sykes, Cindy Neighbor, Stephanie Sawyer Clayton, Mari-Lynn Poskins, Jerry Stogsdill, Lindsay Vaughn, Susan Ruiz, Jarrod Ousley, Rui Zu, and Melanie Haas. We have an enthusiastic set of Dems ready to serve us next year, but we still need to add more fantastic Dems!

In our National races, Sharice Davids held onto her seat, and Biden/Harris won the ticket! I don’t know about you, but seeing Harris walk onto that stage in the white pantsuit drew me to tears – 100 years ago, women won the right to vote, and this year, we can finally say, “Madam Vice President!”

I’m so very proud of the volunteers who worked on campaigns. (MOST OF YOU!) You all worked tirelessly to help elect these candidates as well as very hard on the campaigns that didn’t taste victory.

And to the candidates who didn’t win – BRAVO! THANKS FOR RUNNING! You put yourselves out there, worked tirelessly to spread the word, and busted yard-sign RECORDS. You moved the needle in Johnson County, growing our base and shattering the long-held belief by the GOP in Kansas that they would never face a democratic opponent.

Again – multiple thanks, warm wishes, and hugs – you all are gold in my book.

So, where do we go now, from here, knowing that half of us think President Trump was a good idea (AGAIN!)?

With some organization and this group of dynamic, energetic women, I believe the future is FEMALE.

In January, the South Chapter of Johnson County Democratic Women will be electing its leadership. The election will take place at the general meeting on January 21st at 6:00 pm where we jump-start our involvement for the 2021 races (yes, it’s never over). January 21st we start our planning for the year, and we want everyone to be involved. We need ideas, actions, thoughts, and wisdom of a thousand women who have come before – won’t you continue the lineage?

For all those who have been bloodied by this battle, those who added their blood, sweat, and tears, next year looms brighter because of you and the election of Biden/Harris. My heart is healing, but we have lots of work to do. Until January, enjoy…



As so many of you know, Moscow Mitch controls the US Senate unless Democrats can gain the majority. So, its now GEORGIA, GEORGIA, GEORGIA. Stacey Abrams through Fair Fight brought us a blue state, now we need both senate seats.


Fair fight


Act blue Georgia Runoff




Georgia Runoff Involvement

Fair Fight

Help us turn Georgia Truly Blue.
With that, I’ll see you all in January, on ZOOM.


Cassie Woolworth

JCDW South Acting-President