We are the Johnson County Democratic Women, North and South

We are sister organizations, working together to engage women in politics and help get Democrats in Johnson County elected.

North ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, March 4,  2021

Come at 6:00 to socialize or at 6:30 for the meeting!

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A Conversation with Rural Kansans

This month, we welcome special guests from western Kansas.

The Democratic chair of the second district, Alana Cloutier, will talk to us about issues and opportunities facing their district. The second district basically runs from Nebraska to Oklahoma, from Missouri to somewhat west of Topeka. Jake LaTurner represents them in the US House.

Mark Pringle will join us, from Kansas House District 13 in southeast Kansas. He ran for office in 2020 and has some insights to rural voters.

Also joining us is Kali Barnett, who ran for US House in Kansas District Big One, which is basically the western half of Kansas.

South ZOOM Meeting

Thursday, March 18,  2021

Come at 6:00 to socialize or at 6:30 for the meeting!

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A Conversation About Running for Office

This month, we welcome former candidates and campaign managers to talk to us about what it’s like to run for office or work on a campaign. Guests include:

Stacey Knoell, candidate for Kansas Senate

Angela Schweller, candidate for Kansas House

Katie Dixon, candidate for Kansas House

Mike Shimeall, candidate for Kansas House

Carol Shimeall, treasurer of JCDWS and campaign manager

Deanne Mitchell, chair of the Johnson County Democratic Party

Greg Mitchell, former member of the water board

Nikki McDonald, community leader and campaign organizer

Game Night Fundraiser Brings in $2,700

Thanks to our members and donors, Game Night was a huge success. Through ticket sales and individual contributions, we brought in $1,350. This money was DOUBLED thanks to an anonymous donor, so we now have $2,700 to give to local campaigns. That money, along with our endorsements, will go out in August, after the primary. 

A million thank yous to everyone who helped make Game Night a success. 

North February Meeting Recap

We want to thank Jane Kleeb for coming to our JCDW meeting February 4. She had a lot of information and ideas, and was very encouraging. Here are some take-aways:

Continue to show up and continue to engage rural people, not just during election cycles.
Listen to them.
Develop actions to do together by finding common goals, working through differences, and setting aside issues like guns and abortion. Be authentic about abortion and gun rights.
Never ridicule anti choice people.
Commit to help deal with problems, such as natural disasters.
Create paths.

Find unifying themes such as roads, water, or sewers. Get specific. The Ogalalla Aquifer was suggested as a possible commonality.

Concerning green energy, we need an outreach to find ways for rural wealth creation and placement of wind and solar farms. Bringing broadband with green energy would create something for the community. Green energy companies should not behave the same way Trans Canada (Keystone pipeline) has behaved, when they intimidated farmers, ranchers, and indigenous Americans, and abused eminent domain.

Implement block captains who will commit to staying in contact with 50 voters 3 times a year.

Local papers and radio stations are a good way to communicate with rural voters. Write letters and be a guest on conservative radio.

Rural areas are getting more racially diverse. Ask community leaders and activists of those groups to run for office, ie Hispanic meat packers.

Send welcome post cards to new Democrats.

Jane will send a block captain manual.

We may need legislative action against lies, such as a Fairness Doctrine.

She encouraged county parties to tell state parties and the DNC what they need.


South February Meeting Recap

Thank you all for coming to the General Meeting on Feb 18th – it was AMAZING! Dr. Barbara Bollier joined us and our fantastic democratic family during the mingling session and then wowed us all! She knows how to run a campaign (hard), how to handle misinformation (keep calling it out) and what to do about Topeka (let them know you’re paying attention). I’m still in awe of her warmth, laughter, and friendship – she’s a gem of a Dem. THANK YOU, BARBARA!
In March, our focus is on Running for office – the tips and tricks from those in the know – our ACTUAL CANDIDATES! We’re hosting a panel of candidates for a very candid discussion about running for office. Let’s pull back the curtain and see what it actually takes.
So, for our “ACTION” in March, find an office to run for!!! (or a candidate to run)
In 2021 we elect the Mayors, City Council Members, Water Board, and School Board members as well as other elected positions that YOU ARE QUALIFIED FOR. Yes. YOU.
Up for grabs in 2021– something for everyone!
School Boards:
USD 229 Blue Valley
USD 230 Spring Hill
USD 231 Gardner Edgerton
USD 232 De Soto
USD 233 Olathe
USD 289 Wellsville
USD 491 Eudora
USD 512 Shawnee Mission
Mayors and City Councils:
Bonner Springs, De Soto, Edgerton, Fairway, Gardner, Lake Quivira, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Mission Woods, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, Shawnee, Spring Hill, Westwood, Westwood Hills.
Others in JOCO:
Johnson County Community College Trustees
Merriam Drainage District Trustee
Monticello Drainage District Trustee
Water District (Water One) Trustee
Notice anything? – WE LIVE HERE!!!!
Take a look at the spreadsheet and let us know where you’d be interested in running:

Let’s get our rears in gear and find good candidates, educate them, assist and fund them, and then ELECT THEM so we can keep pushing for equality.


Bring a Friend

Don’t forget to bring a friend to the JCDW South Third Thursday Meeting for your chance to win a $10 gift card to a small, local, progressive busines. 

Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31st is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to celebrate transgender individuals, raise awareness of discrimination, and celebrate transgender contributions to society.

Right now, it seems to be open season on transgender rights in Topeka. 

A Kansas Senator has proposed a bill that would block transgender girls from participating in youth sports

Earlier this session, a proposed House bill would have made it illegal for a doctor to perform gender reassignment surgery or hormone replacement therapy on minors. This, thankfully, died in committee, but discrimination against transgender youth is still alive and well.

From a recent article in the Kansas Reflector:

Why I will do anything to counter the Kansas Legislature’s poisonous narrative about transgender kids

Help me understand how some legislators get from openly defying science, rejecting our governor’s order for masks and gathering restrictions in the name of “individual liberties” and “we know what’s best for our family” to: “We know what’s best for Kansas transgender kids and their families”?

You can read the full article here.

About Us

Johnson County Democratic Women North and South are pat of the  Kansas Federation of Democratic Women, which is part of the National Federation of Democratic Women


Our mission is to empower women to run for office and to support the election of like-minded Democrats to state and local office. We do this through education and training, but especially through donations to qualified candidates. Your financial donation to either of our organizations will go directly to Democratic candidates running in Johnson County. 

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